What Makes Trailers Popular Amongst Individuals and Businesses?

Trailers are a real asset for both companies and individuals. When it comes to transporting items, very few vehicles are as versatile and flexible as trailers. At T G Commercials Self Drive, we offer an extensive range of trailers including box, flat, curtain and tipper trailers. Keep reading to know how leasing our trailers in Chesterfield, Nottingham or anywhere in the UK proves to be useful for personal and commercial use.

  • Ease of moving bulky item: Irrespective of whether you are in the middle of a home or office move, trailer rental in Chesterfield is an excellent solution for your furniture or heavy items removal woes. Our trailers are robust and sturdy enough to carry bulky furniture or such other items from one place to another. Moreover, our trailers feature a slanted ramp, which enables the ease of loading and unloading items. You can even make use of our vehicles to carry gravel chips, cement or wood to your construction site.
  • Great for carrying all kinds of waste: From household rubbish to industrial and construction waste, our trailers are perfect for transporting all kinds of waste and rubbish. If you rent our tipper trailers, you will not have to worry about loading or unloading the vehicle, but simply tip the vehicle.
  • Facilitates hassle-free hauling vehicles: If you want to move your vehicle or vehicles, T G Commercials Self Drive’s trailers will make the task seem simpler. For the protection of your valued vehicles, you can opt for our box trailers, which are enclosed.

So, talk to T G Commercials Self Drive and get a customised trailer rental package. You can also avail our transit tipper hire Nottingham service if you are looking to move large items. Our transit tippers are available in 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes sizes.

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