Why Should You Hire Box Trailer in Nottingham?

Box trailers are versatile, extremely spacious and great for transporting various types of materials from one location to the other including furniture, equipment and so on. If you need a box trailer for commercial or personal use, make your way to T G Commercials Self Drive. As one of the leading commercial vehicle leasing companies in Nottingham, we offer flexible rental solutions. Read on to know the things that you stand to gain by opting to hire a box trailer instead of buying.

# Affordable Rentals

Commercial vehicles are typically priced higher since there is a need for them to be robust and safe. Box trailers are no different. Purchasing a trailer would mean a huge capital investment and if you are not willing to make such a financial commitment, box trailer hire in Nottingham is the ideal solution. As you lease our box trailer, it is for you to use for as long as the rental period lasts, which can be for a day or a few weeks. You simply have to pay us the rent for your use of the vehicle and we will bear the ownership costs.

# Around-the-clock Emergency Assistance

When you hire T G Commercials Self Drive’s box trailer, you also get total peace of mind knowing that our professional team is on standby to provide emergency services. In case the trailer breaks down during your journey, our mechanic will reach your location at the earliest and ensure that you can be well on your way.

T G Commercials Self Drive’s box trailers are maintained to the highest specifications and compliant with the road regulations. Get in touch to lease a box trailer for a long or short-term period and look forward to enjoying a comfortable drive transporting goods or moving.

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