Can Renting an 18 Tonne Lorry Solve Your Relocation Issue? Find Out!

So, you have decided to completely move from Nottingham? Full home or office relocation is a daunting task as there are so many things to move. You might think that it is better to let a professional moving company worry about how to move your prized belongings, but you will lose complete control. Even though professional moving companies are insured, would you want to lose any of your possessions? This is where T G Commercials Self Drive offers you with the perfect solution – rent an 18 tonne lorry. Keep reading to know how renting is the ideal solution to your problem of relocating.

Our Lorries are Robust and Capable of Carrying Weight

On an average, an 18 tonne lorry can fit in over 16 pallets. So, you know that these vehicles are built to carry a massive amount of load. By opting for our 18 tonne lorry rental in Nottingham, you can fit in all of your furniture, equipment, machinery and other prized possessions. You can drive with your possessions knowing that they are safe and will reach the destination at the same time as you.

We Offer Roadside Assistance to Help You Avoid Surprises

When you are driving alone, you always have to be prepared of unforeseen situations. For instance, the lorry might break down in the middle of your journey. Even though we maintain our vehicles to the highest standards, these things can happen and with us, you are protected. Our expert mechanics are kept on standby so that they can come to you at the earliest.

Move When You Please

The best part of renting our lorry is that you have the freedom to move whenever you feel like. You do not need a lot of planning.

Call T G Commercials Self Drive today to book a lorry!

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