Benefits of Renting a Moving Truck for Your Business

Are you relocating your business or have to frequently move items from your warehouse to stores? Unless you have the finance to maintain a fleet of your own, a better option would be to check out T G Commercials Self Drive’s moving trucks. We are a trusted rental company in Manchester and maintain a huge selection of trucks of various sizes and models. The advantages that you can enjoy by hiring our moving truck are given below.

  • Trucks available whenever you need it: At T G Commercials Self Drive, we allow you to rent a truck even beyond normal office hours. In case your vehicle has broken down and you immediately need one out of hours, you can rely on us.
  • Fully insured: Whether you are relocating your office or moving items from your warehouse, it is important to know that the vehicle you are driving is insured. For your peace of mind, we have insured all of your vehicles so that you can only focus on your drive.
  • Latest models of trucks are available: We, at T G Commercials Self Drive, continually upgrade our fleet of moving trucks with the latest models. You can find trucks with advanced safety features for your business. Also, if you need any specific model that is not a part of our fleet, you can tell us and we will source it for you.
  • 24/7 assistance: By availing our moving truck rental in Manchester, you get the assistance of our experienced and highly-skilled mechanics. Our mechanics are on standby and will promptly come to your aid if the vehicle stops functioning in the middle of your trip.

T G Commercials Self Drive provides economical and customised moving truck rental solutions. Contact us to know more.

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