3 Popular Uses Of Trailers

Trailers are undoubtedly the most useful and versatile types of vehicle when it comes to transporting goods from one place to another. At T G Commercials Self Drive, we offer cost-effective trailer rental solutions for both domestic and commercial needs.

Below are some of the common uses for our trailers.

# Home or office moving

If you need to move furniture and other such heavy items, our trailers are the best option. Moving bulky items on our trailers is a lot easier than with a pickup truck. This is because our trailers come with a slanted ramp that allow you to simply roll your furniture onto the trailers.

# Hauling vehicles

Whether you want to move vehicles for personal or commercial use, making use of our trailers will help to make the job easier for you. You can choose our enclosed box trailers for better safety and protection of your valued vehicles.

# Carrying rubbish, debris or construction waste

Our latest models of tipper trailers are perfect for loading construction waste, debris or rubbish. Since all the dirt is going to be tipped out in a straight line or a pile, you do not have to worry about unloading the trailer. You can also use our tipper trailers for carrying wood, cement or gravel chips to the construction site.

At T G Commercials Self Drive, our expansive fleet of trailers include open, enclosed, curtain and tipper trailers in a range of sizes. Based upon your specific requirements and budget, you can rent out the trailer that you need. If you are unsure about which trailer fits your needs the best, you can speak to one of our professionals. Our trailers can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at affordable rental rates.

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