What are Tipper Trucks Used For?

A tipper truck is a large-engined truck that has a deep, open bed in the back, which can be filled with items to transport. These trucks are used for various purposes including cleaning up a construction site, cleaning out your home before moving or moving construction materials like, scrap metal, lumber or rubble. You can hire latest model tipper trucks from T G Commercials Self Drive in Rotherham for your use at competitive prices. We carry a broad selection of tipper in various sizes to suit your specific requirement.

Our Tippers Make Cleaning Out before Moving Hassle-free

If you are moving, there might be tons of materials and items that you need to get out of the house before you leave. You may not want to take pile of boxes that have been in the attic for years, old furniture that is too worn out or old gardening tools. You can simply round up the items that you do not wish to take to your new home and dump them in the rented tipper. You can also avail our 7.5 tonne tipper hire in Rotherham to throw away torn out flooring and such other materials after a home renovation.

Tippers Fulfil Varied Functions at a Construction Site

Tippers are most commonly used for construction projects. By hiring one of our tippers, you can seamlessly carry out a number of functions, such as hauling out torn down parts and hauling in building materials. The sturdy, large tires of our trucks make it perfect for construction sites as they can withstand debris and sharp nails.

Whenever you need to haul in or transport heavy materials, you can hire our tipper trucks. Our tippers are maintained to the highest specifications and we can provide you with a flexible rental solution.

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