Things to Know Before Renting a Tipper Truck for Construction Job

Tippers, also known as dump trucks, are mainly used in construction for transporting and carrying waste like, metal, wood or cement debris, or materials, such as aggregates and lumber. If you are a part of the construction industry and looking to rent a tipper truck for your job, turn to T G Commercials Self Drive in Lincoln. We are a leading rental company specialising in renting out commercial vehicles for over 30 years. Our team has outlined some valuable insights below that might help you in choosing the right tipper for your needs.

  • Size of the tipper: It is important that you consider the size of the tipper before renting one out. We offer 3.5 tonne tipper hire in Lincoln to 10 tonne tippers. This decision largely depends on the amount of material and waste that you have to carry. Also, the right choice will help to maximise each trip by making sure that the truck is able to take the biggest payload possible.
  • Dumping method: Another important factor is the dumping method. Some of the tipper models that we have are only able to discharge from the back whilst there are others that are able to discharge on either side. We also have tippers that discharge on a pile whilst others that lay the items flat on the ground.
  • Load: The amount of load you have to carry or transport is another major factor. Whilst the tippers with a light-duty body suffices for residential use, the heavy-duty body is perfect for big construction projects.

Do you still need help making an informed decision? T G Commercials Self Drive’s team of professionals is always eager to help out. Simply get in touch and get the answers for your doubts.

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