Things You Should Know When Renting a Lorry

Are you preparing for a DIY home or office move? If so, you are going to need a rental lorry to haul all of your precious belongings. For a lot of people, this means hiring a reliable T G Commercials Self Drive lorry in Worksop. We offer plenty of lorries and services to cater to specific moving needs. But, before you rent a lorry from us, you need to know certain things about our rental vehicles. Read on.

# Our Vehicles are Perfect for Long Distance Moves

Long distance move or short, we have the perfect vehicle for you. Our vehicles are all LEZ compliant, which means you can enter London without a fuss. Furthermore, they are VOSA approved and maintained to the highest standards.

# You Can Rent Our Lorries for As Long As You Need

You may seek a lorry rental in Worksop for an overnight trip or for a few days. With T G Commercials Self Drive, you can hire a lorry for any duration of time and we will provide you with a bespoke rental plan as per your requirements. You will only have to pay for your use of our vehicles and not the purchasing price.

# Our Lorries Come in a Variety of Sizes

It is absolutely crucial to select the right size rental lorry that will fit all of your possessions. We have an array of lorries of the latest models that you can peruse. Our executives are always ready to serve you if you face any confusion with what size lorry you must choose.

Now that you are equipped with information, go ahead and reserve a lorry from us. Remember that our rental service comes with roadside assistance and you can call us anytime for any query.

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