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TG commercials self drive18 Ton Flat / Curtains / Box

18 Ton Flat / Curtains / Box

Trailers are one of the most versatile rental equipment which is used for a number of projects in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Doncaster and several other locations. These can be used by moving companies to transport furniture and other goods from one place to another, carry construction material, or by logistics services.

Among these, there are several projects that require trailer transport only for a few times, thus making trailer hiring a better option than purchasing. In Manchester, a number of construction firms use 18 ton flat/curtains/ box trailers, depending on the material that has to be transported. At TG commercials, you can browse our vast collection of trailers and trucks that offer unique specifications for various different projects.

Why Choose TG Commercials?

If you are looking to hire any type of trailer in Leeds, TG Commercials Self Drive is the best rental firm at your service. We have a vast fleet of vehicles to choose from. Here’s why choosing our rental trailers is a great option for your business:

  • Every unit in our fleet is well-maintained and serviced by professionals on a regular basis, thus ensuring top performance.
  • We offer one of the most competitive rental rates in the market and our corporate policy is built around customer satisfaction.

Try our trailer rental service in Yorkshire once and you will never go anywhere else again! We have a wide service area and offer our rental units across several London localities such as Bradford, LincolnNottinghamWorksop and many more!

18 Ton Flat no sides.
Stock No: N/A
Weight: 18000KG
Weekly Hire: £POA

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