Rent a 18 tonne Lorry in Nottingham to Reduce Office Moving Stress

Has your current lease in Nottingham expired and you have to relocate your office? Hiring professional movers might seem like the logical option, but they are expensive. Once you have engaged the movers, the move is no longer under your control. On the other hand, T G Commercials Self Drive’s rental commercial vehicles enable you to be in charge of all aspects of the move. If you have a valid driver’s license, our lorries are all you need to safely and conveniently relocate your office anywhere in the UK.

Find Vehicles of All Sizes in Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of commercial vehicles of varying sizes to suit your specific needs. In case you have a small office space with not much furniture or equipment, you can check out our 3.5 or 7.5 tonne trucks and lorries. If you have a large workplace and wish to move all the furnishing, office equipment and machinery, our 18 tonne lorry rental in Nottingham will be a perfect choice. For any confusion, our qualified executives with years of experience in the logistics and transport industry are here to help you.

Roadside and Emergency Assistance are Provided Around-the-clock

As one of the leading rental service providers, we completely understand the apprehensions and fears that come with self-driven lorries. With T G Commercials Self Drive, you have nothing to worry about because our rentals come with 24/7 roadside assistance and emergency services. If the vehicle that you have leased, breaks down in the middle of your journey, our mechanic will immediately contact you and fix the problem.

So, browse our fleet and choose the lorry of your choice. If you are looking for any specific model, contact us and we will have it sourced within 24-hours.

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