What Makes Box Trailer Hire a Smart Option for Your House Move?

Moving house is as exciting as it is scary. There is the thrill of moving into a new house, new neighbourhood and making new friends, but there is also the fear of leaving the old life and friends behind. There is also the stress of making sure that everything is in order for your big move. Of course, you can call a moving company and let them handle everything, but nothing will actually be in your control anymore. If you want the experience to be personal and want to be in charge, you can rent T G Commercials Self Drive’s box trailer in Leeds.

Our box trailers are insured and extremely spacious to fit all your furniture and accessories that you wish to take with you to your new home. Moreover, you get to drive the trailer yourself, fix the date and the time of your move, and most importantly, take as many breaks during the drive as you want. By renting our box trailer you also get to enjoy the following perks:

  • Our around-the-clock assistance in case something goes wrong during your journey. Simply reach out to us and our team will be there in an instant to help you out.
  • You get to rent the very latest model of box trailer without having to pay its full value. All you have to give us is a rental amount for your use of our vehicle.
  • Our box trailer hire in Leeds is available for as long as you want. You can rent it out for just a few hours or even for a few days. It completely your choice.

Do you wish to check out our range of box trailers? Get in touch with T G Commercials Self Drive without any hesitation.

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