How to Estimate the Size of the Moving Lorry?

If you have decided on a DIY move, you might have already estimated the moving costs, evaluated the risks and come to the conclusion that renting a lorry and moving yourself is a better choice. Then, you must know that moving on your own requires a lot of effort and time on your part, especially when it comes to choosing the right size of the lorry. At T G Commercials Self Drive, we strive to make your move simple and hassle-free through our flexible rental solutions. We further hope to be of use by providing you with professional tips on how you can estimate the lorry size that you need. Keep reading.

  • Consider the size of your home: The calculation is quite simple. The bigger the house, the more things you will have for relocating. It is only logical that for moving a 4-bedroom house, you will need a much bigger lorry rental in Worksop than moving a 2-bedroom apartment.
  • Think of the number of items you want to move: You need to seriously sit down and make a list of the items that you wish to move to the new location. If you hope to only relocate the essentials and leave behind the rest in a storage, a small-sized lorry will be perfect for you. However, if you are planning to relocate every small item in your present house, you would obviously need a large-sized lorry.
  • The relocation distance: You also need to consider the relocation distance. In case you are moving locally, you will be able to make multiple small trips, but that will not be possible if you are moving far.

It is important to choose the right lorry size for moving as too small will not serve your purpose and too big will cost you unnecessary money. Contact us to know more.

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