The Different Types And Uses Of Trailers For Hire?

Trailers are one of the most versatile vehicles available to hire. Almost any kind of goods can be transported in trailers and they can cover long distances. Here are some common types of trailers that are offered by TG Commercial and their uses:

Open Trailers

As the name suggests, these trailers have a flatbed surface on which cargo is placed but there is no covering. These are a great choice if the goods you are carrying are not likely to be damaged by the weather. If you are transporting goods that do not require additional weather protection, open trailers are the most economical option, due to the reasonable hire price.

Enclosed Box Trailers

Box trailers are so called because they look just like a box when all the sides have been closed and fastened. Box trailers might be more expensive than some other types but these are the best option if you are transporting something fragile or anything that needs extra protection from the wind, rain or sunlight. These are one of the most secure trailer units for hire.

Curtain Trailers

Curtain trailers are a lot like the enclosed ones with a minor difference. The front and back of the trailer is covered by a curtain that can be drawn open or shut. The curtains make it easy to load and unload the trailer when required as it doesn’t have the big and bulky doors of an enclosed trailer.

Tipper Trailers

Tipper trailers can be used for specific projects. Since the cargo is ‘tipped out’ onto the ground in a pile or a straight line, it can only be used for sturdy materials that cannot be damaged. This is why tipper trailers are generally used for moving construction materials like wood, gravel, stone chips, etc.

As there are a number of options available from TG Commercials, it is important that you choose the correct one for the job you want to do.

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