How Can Businesses Benefit by Renting a Hook Loader?

Hook loaders are a vital part of the construction transport industry. These heavy-duty vehicles are extremely efficient in moving bulky items or waste. However, if you are a small construction company and do not have the budget to maintain a fleet of hook loaders, you can turn to T G Commercials Self Drive. When it comes to providing commercial vehicles for hire in Nottingham, there are very few companies in the UK that are better than us.

If you choose to hire our hook loader, you will be enjoying the following benefits.

– Opportunity to drive a brand new hook loader model: At T G Commercials Self Drive, we are constantly upgrading our fleet to be able to cater to strict hook loader hire You will find the latest models of hook loaders complete with advanced security features for you to drive. Continue reading “How Can Businesses Benefit by Renting a Hook Loader?”

Benefits of Hiring Different Types of Vehicles

7.5 tonne truck rental Leeds

Are you looking for premium vehicle hiring services in the UK? Contact TG Commercials Self Drive. We come with a wide range of commercial vehicles, which the customers can hire for commercial purposes.

Let us have a look at the ways how hiring different vehicles from us can be beneficial for you.

Box Trailers: Our box trailer hire services make the transfer of a chunk of goods from one corner to the other of the UK totally hassle-free. As they are extremely spacious, you can relocate furnitures and general goods to the destination using them. Since, the boxes are made of robust materials, they provide full security to the products during transmission. We provide customised solutions as per customer requirements ensuring to meet all your requirements. Continue reading “Benefits of Hiring Different Types of Vehicles”

Why You Should Lease A Commercial Transit Van Instead Of Purchasing?

transit van hire

Most businesses are aware that purchasing a commercial transit van can be very expensive. If you require a van for the day-to-day operation of your business, join hands with T G Commercials Self Drive. We offer customised rental solutions to meet your requirements. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit by hiring one of our transit vans.

– Easier on your wallet: We can help save you a lot of money through our flexible rental options. By hiring a transit van, you will be saving considerably on repairs and maintenance. We conduct our own checks and make sure that our fleet is well-maintained and serviced at all times. Furthermore, you do not have to bear the depreciation costs of the vehicle. Continue reading “Why You Should Lease A Commercial Transit Van Instead Of Purchasing?”

3 Popular Uses Of Trailers

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Trailers are undoubtedly the most useful and versatile types of vehicle when it comes to transporting goods from one place to another. At T G Commercials Self Drive, we offer cost-effective trailer rental solutions for both domestic and commercial needs.

Below are some of the common uses for our trailers.

# Home or office moving

If you need to move furniture and other such heavy items, our trailers are the best option. Moving bulky items on our trailers is a lot easier than with a pickup truck. This is because our trailers come with a slanted ramp that allow you to simply roll your furniture onto the trailers. Continue reading “3 Popular Uses Of Trailers”

DIY Moving: Rent A Truck And Save Money

rental trucks

Moving is never an easy task. Having to pack all of your belongings and move to another house is daunting. It is a job that might take a number of days or weeks to complete, along with being really expensive. However, T G Commercials Self Drive’s rental solutions can help bring down the cost of moving. We have a selection of trucks that you can choose according to your exact requirements. In case you are unsure about the size of the truck that you need, you can talk to one of our staff members. With years of experience in the transport industry, they are well-placed to help you.

We Offer Top-of-the-range Trucks for You

At T G Commercials Self Drive, we make sure that you get the most out of our trucks for your money. Our rental trucks are top of the range, LEZ compliant and well-maintained to meet the highest specifications. You can be rest assured of an enjoyable drive to your destination without any glitches. Continue reading “DIY Moving: Rent A Truck And Save Money”

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lorry Rental Company

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Renting a lorry is undoubtedly a more sensible option than purchasing one, especially if you run a small or medium-sized business. At T G Commercials Self Drive, we offer a fleet of lorries including curtain, flat and box lorries to choose from. By consistently offering dedicated services and outstanding customer service, we have created a stellar reputation in the self drive vehicle hire industry in the UK.

Take a look below to find out the three factors that make us the ideal choice when it comes to renting out a lorry. Continue reading “3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lorry Rental Company”

The 3 Benefits of Renting Commercial Vehicle for Your Business

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Rotherham-based T G Commercials Self Drive is one of the top-rung names in the self drive commercial vehicle hire industry in the UK. From small moving vans to large specialty trucks, we carry a broad selection of commercial vehicles for you to choose from. Our rental vehicles are maintained and serviced to maintain the highest specifications. Also, our vehicles are LEZ compliant and meet the standards of VOSA.

The benefits that you will get by renting our vehicles are given below.

No fleet headache: By renting a truck or lorry from us, you can forget about having to invest in fleet maintenance. Our large selection of the latest commercial vehicles will take your exact rental requirements. Thanks to professionals experienced in the automobile industry, we can provide you the assurance of high-quality. Moreover, we are open 24/7 to take care of all your commercial vehicle hire in Lancashire needs.

Prompt road assistance: As you rent our truck, lorry or trailer, you can count on our quick and speedy round-the-clock road assistance service. In case our vehicle breaks down in the middle of your journey, our mechanics will come to your exact location to provide you with the best solution. However, such cases are really rare since our vehicles are always thoroughly checked before the keys are handed to our clients.

Cost-effective: Renting is a much more economical option than buying. By hiring our vehicle, you will be able to use it for your work without having to pay the entire amount of the vehicle or invest in its maintenance. You will only be required to pay for the hours, days or months that you plan to use our vehicle.

Every day there is a new model of van or truck that sports a much better technology and safety feature as compared to the previous model. With T G Commercials Self Drive, you will be able to drive commercial vehicles featuring cutting-edge technology without having to pay its entire amount. To rent our vehicle, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Find Out Why Hiring a Van is Better than Buying

Move your next office or home conveniently and stress-free with excellent solutions from T G Commercials Self Drive. We offer affordable leasing services to cater to both domestic and commercial needs. Our solutions can be availed throughout the UK.

Reasons why leasing a van from us is better than purchasing.

# Hiring is a cost-effective solution

Purchasing a van will require you to arrange for a lot of capital to be paid to the seller. On the other hand, renting our van only involves very low initial investment. By engaging us, you will be able to carry out your move or any other work with the minimum of financial outlay. Also, we will be only charging you for the hours or days that wish to rent our van for. You do not have to bear the entire cost of the vehicle, along with the expenses of insurance and so on.

# Opportunity to drive the latest model of vans

When you hire a van in Lancashire from T G Commercials Self Drive, you get the chance of driving advanced models sporting the very latest safety and security features. You do not have to be stuck with an outdated model, but can bring about great ease to your move or business by renting out state-of-the-art vans. With up-to-date vans, you will be at a lot less risk of road breakdowns and such other unpredictable situations.

# 24/7 emergency roadside assistance

If you rent our vans, you can be rest assured that they are brand new and maintained to the highest specification. The chances of our vehicles breaking down in between your journey is slim. However, if you do face any problem, we offer around-the-clock roadside assistance. Our professional technicians are always on standby to fix any vehicle-related problem.

If you need to rent a van for a few hours, 1 day or one week, T G Commercials Self Drive provides both long and short term rental solutions. Get in touch with one of our professionals to discuss your specific requirements.

Skip Wagon: Waste Collection and Disposal Made Easy

At T G Commercials Self Drive, we carry an expansive fleet of skip wagons for you to hire. Our vehicles are perfect for general-purpose collection and disposal of waste. Whether you need to carry commercial, industrial or household waste, we have the perfect solution for you. Thanks to our 30 years’ experience and expertise in the automotive industry, we have emerged as the go-to providers of skip wagons for hire at competitive market rates across the UK.

Our Skip Wagons are of the Latest Models and Top-notch Quality

We carry an impressive selection of brand new, robust skip wagons from some of the industry’s well-known and reliable brands. Our entire fleet is upgraded, carefully maintained and serviced by our team of professionals to ensure that they are at their top performance. If you are looking for skip hire vehicles that can endure wear and tear, peruse our broad selection. From carrying domestic waste to construction and even industrial, our vehicles can transport all types of weight.

Our Friendly, Highly-trained Staff Will Make You Come Back to Us

At T G Commercials Self Drive, we not only pride on our fabulous and sturdy collection of skip wagons sporting the latest features, but also on our highly-skilled and amiable staff. Our entire team strives hard to provide customers with services as quick as possible and when they want it. They are available 24/7 at your service and if you need to hire a skip wagon beyond normal business hours, you can definitely rely on their assistance. Moreover, if you do not see the vehicle of your choice in our fleet, we will be happy to source exactly what you need within 24 hours.

We Offer Skip Wagons that are VOSA Approved and LEZ Compliant

Our vehicles are serviced and maintained to meet the highest specifications and VOSA standards. Also, all of our vehicles are LEZ compliant, which means that you can travel to London with our vehicles.

Give T G Commercials Self Drive a call, today. Let us know about your skip wagon hire needs and leave the rest to us.

The Different Types And Uses Of Trailers For Hire?

Trailers are one of the most versatile vehicles available to hire. Almost any kind of goods can be transported in trailers and they can cover long distances. Here are some common types of trailers that are offered by TG Commercial and their uses:

Open Trailers

As the name suggests, these trailers have a flatbed surface on which cargo is placed but there is no covering. These are a great choice if the goods you are carrying are not likely to be damaged by the weather. If you are transporting goods that do not require additional weather protection, open trailers are the most economical option, due to the reasonable hire price.

Enclosed Box Trailers

Box trailers are so called because they look just like a box when all the sides have been closed and fastened. Box trailers might be more expensive than some other types but these are the best option if you are transporting something fragile or anything that needs extra protection from the wind, rain or sunlight. These are one of the most secure trailer units for hire.

Curtain Trailers

Curtain trailers are a lot like the enclosed ones with a minor difference. The front and back of the trailer is covered by a curtain that can be drawn open or shut. The curtains make it easy to load and unload the trailer when required as it doesn’t have the big and bulky doors of an enclosed trailer.

Tipper Trailers

Tipper trailers can be used for specific projects. Since the cargo is ‘tipped out’ onto the ground in a pile or a straight line, it can only be used for sturdy materials that cannot be damaged. This is why tipper trailers are generally used for moving construction materials like wood, gravel, stone chips, etc.

As there are a number of options available from TG Commercials, it is important that you choose the correct one for the job you want to do.