Benefits of Hiring Different Types of Vehicles

Are you looking for premium vehicle hiring services in the UK? Contact TG Commercials Self Drive. We come with a wide range of commercial vehicles, which the customers can hire for commercial purposes.

Let us have a look at the ways how hiring different vehicles from us can be beneficial for you.

Box Trailers: Our box trailer hire services make the transfer of a chunk of goods from one corner to the other of the UK totally hassle-free. As they are extremely spacious, you can relocate furnitures and general goods to the destination using them. Since, the boxes are made of robust materials, they provide full security to the products during transmission. We provide customised solutions as per customer requirements ensuring to meet all your requirements.

7.5/18/26 Ton Hiab or Brick Grab: At TG Commercials Self Drive, you can get diverse hiab or brick grab, which can be the perfect choice for construction activities. The 7.5 tonne truck rental Leeds are ideal for grasping heavy objects like, bricks, slabs, blocks, etc. easily and place them wherever you want to, which becomes immensely difficult to do manually. We rent out the hiabs or grabs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to our customers. So, rent them and make most of them.

Trucks: We offer 24X7 truck rental services to our customers across the UK. Our proficient mechanics are always ready to fix any issue of your rented vehicle.

Our short and long term vehicle hiring services are offered at very affordable rates to our customers. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today to rent excellent commercial vehicles suited to your needs at the best price.

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